MZ scale Helvelyn

On 21 September, Team MZ embarked on their mission to climb Englands 3rd highest peak in the beautiful Lake District. The team reduced in numbers due to illness and maternity leave apprehensively set about their testing task, spurred on and buoyed by the recent wave of euphopria that swept the UK during the Olympic and Paralympic games. Surely, Team MZ could emulate Team GB’s successes with the inspirational performances of our athletes so fresh in their minds?

As it turned out the task was harder than first anticipated, a 10 mile walk up steep terrain and a traverse accross the terrifying “Striding Edge” seemed comfortable when we only had to talk about it, but the dawn of reality and the sheer scale of it hit us when we first caught sight of the “Edge”. A memorial of some of the fallen victims helped to focus our minds as we zoned in on making it across the tricky narrow pass. Steady as she goes and more concentration as we reached “The Chimney” for the final few hundred yards climb and suddenly we felt on top of the world or England at least. A steady walk back taking in “Lower Man” and “Whiteside” and our 6 hour 40 minute ordeal was over. Nothing left to do now, other than celebrate our successful trip and regail about the journey over a few beers and some good pub grub!

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