Marshall Zoing Limited is based in Harrogate and was established in 2002 to provide independent financial advice in the local area.  Whether you are saving for a big purchase, your retirement or indeed you require help to generate income at the point of retirement, we can help.  Marshall Zoing is a member of the Wealth at Work group of companies.

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Making your money work harder.

Making your money work harder.

In this current low interest rate environment it’s important to shop around for a saving account as the rates can vary. Before doing this it’s important to think about what you are actually saving for, as there are a variety of saving vehicles available to meet different objectives.

18th September 2018

Top 10 tips to cut costs and boost savings.

Top 10 tips to cut costs and boost savings.

According to research by WEALTH at work, 80% of employers believe their employees are not saving enough for retirement.

12th September 2018

Market Updates

Spring Statement 2018.

Spring Statement 2018.

Today at 12:30pm the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, presented his first ever Spring Statement following his decision to move the Budget to November, replacing the Autumn Statement (which over the last few years had in effect been used as a mini-budget).

13th March 2018